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Zoom Phone

Transform your company's telephony through ZOOM Phone!

Say goodbye to the PABX and migrate your employees' fixed numbers and extensions to any device, wherever they are.

Reduce costs and embrace the full unified remote workforce experience!

Zoom Phone

A modern and flexible corporate VoIP phone service

  • empower yourcollaborators make phone calls with the same ease and familiarity of Zoom video meetings.

  • The cloud-based Zoom Phone System outperforms on-premises telephony solutions that cannot support remote workforces.

  • Phone System VoIP's intuitive administrative interfaces enable simple management of corporate groups and end users.

Innovative for your evolving needs

Have meetings, VoIP phone and team chat together on any device.

  • Zoom Phone has a history of rapid innovation. Our hard phone and softphone systems capitalize on Zoom's established global infrastructure and audio quality.

  • With hundreds of features and more being added every month, you can count on Zoom Phone to meet your business demands.

  • Zoom Phone tightly integrates with leading business applications, contact center partners and hardware vendors to ensure that communication can be done in context.

  • Use Zoom Phone's robust set of APIs to build custom enterprise solutions that allow you to take phone calls within your workflow.

Zoom Phone
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